An interview of a journey from CBSE board topper to IIT Delhi to Google
Tushar Dogra Interview Google

An interview of a journey from CBSE board topper to IIT Delhi to Google

IIT Delhi : Tushar Dogra, a 26-year-old senior software engineer working with Google in the US has a lot to share about his journey. With 98.2 %, Dogra got all-India rank three in the CBSE Class 10 boards in 2008. In Class 12 with 96.2 % he secured rank one in the tricity.

How important are marks?
Marks are important as they give you self confidence and motivation to achieve your dreams.

Did marks play a role in shaping your career?
Excelling in exams helps you get into the institute and field of your choice, which in my case was computer science engineering at IIT Delhi.

Have you excelled later too in life?
I was consistent with my studies even at IIT Delhi. A CGPA of 9.0 got me into one of the top tech companies in the US directly through campus recruitment.

Did your score help you achieve your goals?
My goal has always been to seek excellence. I still pursue the same goal of doing my best in everything I do.

Your message to students?
Dream big and work very hard to make those dreams a reality.

What changes in schools you think can help students?
Most job opportunities are in the field of computers, so schools should make computer programming compulsory from class 9 to 12.

One biggest learning?
Never give up and pace yourself because it’s a marathon race and not 100m sprint.

Your role model?
Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google.

Your Idea of India?
Should become a true tech superpower with the world’s most innovative companies that can attract the best talent in the world here.

The change you want to see in India?
There’s lots of untapped potential. But in the next decade it should come of age the way China has in the last 25 years.

Does it take discipline and sacrifice to be a topper?
Definitely yes. No goal can be achieved without discipline and sacrifice.

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